Journal of Addiction Disorder and Rehabilitation

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Addiction Disorder and Rehabilitation-Brain disorders-trevor archer


University of Gothenburg.

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trevor archer


University of Gothenburg,
Department of Psychology,
Box 500,
SE 405 30 Gothenburg,

Research Interests:

Brain disorders, neurotoxicity, ADHD, Affective syndromes, Physical exercise


  • At 7 years, I was sent to St. Joseph's College (school), North Point, Darjeeling, and from 15-17 years I attended Wallington Grammar School, Wallington, Surrey, UK. During this time I was part-time stable lad, Epsom, Surrey(PaulSmythe).
  • With -levels, I was offered a position at the Institute of Animal Physiology, Babraham, UK, and took my HND qualification at Cambridge Polytechnical College, Cambridge, UK (1971).
  • Thereafter, I obtained an Honour’s degree (Psychology and Physiology) at Newcastle-upon-Tyne University (1974), and a PhD, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden (1979).
  • From 1978 (Aug) to 1988 (Dec), I was employed by Astra Läkemedel AB with the position of Head of CNS Drugs when I left to take up my appointment as Professor and Chair of Biological Psychology.

I have the position of Guest or Visiting Professor at:

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa(1994),
  • Örebro University(1996-2006),
  • Karlstad University (2000-2004),
  • Kalmar University (2003-2013),
  • Madrid University(1991-2009),
  • Sapienza University,Rome(2013-)
  • Received an Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award from St. Joseph's College, North Point (2010);

Honorary Doctorship,:

  • Professorship and Membership Awards from the Polish Academy of Science Pharmacological Society (May, 2013);
  • and the Sansone Award (April, 2014):
  • School of Medicine, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Since 1st December 2016, senior professor at Gothenburg University, Sweden.