Name: Mohamed Mostafa El-Sayed Abdulla

Qualification: Ph.D

Country: Egypt


Consultant in pharmaceutical industries

Phone no: 0224549091 - 0224513919 Cell: 01211296010-01022529112

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18 Rady Street, Zeuiton, Cairo, Egypt, Zip 11321

Research Interests:

  • Medicinal chemistry
  • Drug design
  • Pharmacological screening



1-Bachelor of pharmaceutical sciences –Faculty of pharmacy-Cairo University (Very Good-Honours-1989)
2-Master in Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Faculty of pharmacy-Cairo University (1995) Concentrations: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Dosage   forms Formulation of NSAIDs Thesis: Synthesis of new anti-inflammatory drugs from plant origin.
3-PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry - Faculty of pharmacy-Cairo University (1998) Concentrations: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Dosage Form Formulations of hormones.

Academic history
1-1989-1991 Researcher Assistant in analytical chemistry Department- Faculty of pharmacy- Mansoura University.
2-1991-1995 Researcher Assistant in Natural products Chemistry Unit -NRC 
3-1995-1998 Assistant Researchers in Natural products Chemistry Unit –NRC
4-1998-2003 Lecturer and founder of medicinal chemistry Department –Faculty of Pharmacy –Minia University.
5-2004-Till now Consultant in pharmaceutical industries for many Multinational and national pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and in Yemen

Awards and Honors:
Award and Supervision of 3 PhD., and 3 M.D in organic and pharmaceutical Chemistry