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Journal Overview

Journal of Farming (JF) is an international peer-reviewed journal that publishes research articles related to the field of farming and its associated disciplines. The scope of coverage encompasses advances in crop production, soil science, agronomy, applied sciences, biotechnology, genetics, breeding, and pest control, among other related topics. JF is committed to providing rapid publication of high-quality and impactful research in farming, featuring original research papers, short communications, comments, reviews, and perspectives.



Journal of Farming (JF) provides a unique opportunity for researchers to disseminate cutting-edge research in the field of farming. We provide an efficient and streamlined publication process, as well as free access to all published articles. We also have an in-house peer-review system and comply with the highest ethical standards.

Our team at the Journal of Farming (JF) is highly dedicated to promoting more equity in the agricultural sector, fostering collaborations among the farming community, and extending the reach of research to inform practice and promote food security. 


Submission Procedure

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Farming (JF) should be prepared in accordance with the journal's guidelines, which are available on the journal's website. All submitted manuscripts must undergo a rigorous peer-review process, with only those meeting the high standards set by Journal of Farming (JF) editors and reviewers will be accepted for publication. To ensure an objective and impartial review process, the Journal of Farming (JF) has enlisted the expertise of esteemed professionals in the field of agricultural research and development. 


Instructions for authors

The journal also provides useful information to authors on how to format their manuscripts, how to prepare manuscript illustrations, how to reference, and how to submit their work to the journal. For manuscripts to be eligible for review, authors must include a well-prepared abstract and must include a list of references. 

Journal of Farming (JF) considers manuscripts in areas such as agronomy, animal husbandry, crop science, soil science, hydro-culture, and horticulture. The journal is committed to rapidly disseminating high-quality research to make knowledge and progress in the field of farming available to readers worldwide.


Brief Details of our Service

Articles Approved - It is based on the quality of the article, it will be checked by plagiarism test. 

QC System - We maintain 100% as we are doing a single blind peer review process with eminent reviewers and editors.

Assurance -Your article will be deposited in Sherpa Romeo so no need to worry about it.

Reputation - Most of the published authors are interested in submitting their articles again in our 198 journals.

Processing - It will be done within 14 days from the submission date.

Publication - Article will be published within 36 hours from the acceptance date with proofreads.

Professional Author service -Dedicated personal assistance to authors and readers 24X7.

OpenAccess -All the published articles are freely available to all interested online readers.


Editorial Board

The editorial board of the Journal of Farming (JF) is comprised of renowned scientists, academicians, and industry professionals from all over the world who lend their expertise and knowledge to the journal. The members of the editorial board are experts who have a wide range of experience and knowledge in related fields, helping to ensure that the journal is a high-quality source of information. 


Editorial Board Members:

Sungchhang Kang - China Agricultural University

Shah Fahad - Huazhong Agriculture University

Valeria Borsellino - Forestry Sciences University of Palermo Viale delle Scienze

Emanuele Schimmenti - University of Palermo


Article Processing Charge

In order to cover the cost of the journal’s publication, a processing charge is levied upon all accepted articles. However, there are no submission charges or any additional fees.



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