International Journal of Ethology

Aims and Scope

International Journal of Ethology's scope covers all aspects of animal behavior, including descriptive and observational studies, theoretical and experimental analysis, and comparative studies. We place particular emphasis on papers that focus on the functional basis and evolutionary implications of animal behavior. 


The journal aims to promote the understanding of animal behavior by publishing high-quality research that advances our understanding of the underlying mechanisms and evolution of behavior, as well as its ecological and evolutionary consequences. The journal also welcomes papers on the ethical, conservation, and welfare implications of animal behavior research.


The evolution and development of behavior

Animal communication and signaling

Behavioral ecology and adaptation

Social behavior and organization

Mating systems and reproductive strategies

Foraging and predatory behavior

Animal cognition and learning

Animal welfare and ethics

Methodological and technical advances in the study of behavior

Behavioral ecology and evolutionary biology

Ethology and comparative psychology

Animal welfare science

Animal behavior and conservation biology

Behavioral neuroscience

Ecological and environmental physiology

Behavioral endocrinology




Below is the list of topics this journal covers. However, if you could not find the topic of your interest Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


  • Ethology
  • Animal communication
  • Newcastle disease
  • Anthrozoology
  • Captive Breeding
  • Neuroethology
  • Altruism in animals
  • Foraging behavior
  • Livestock Grazing
  • Feather patterns
  • Ruminant Nutrition
  • Deception in animals
  • Cognitive ethology
  • Emotion in animals
  • Animal behavior research
  • Comparative ethology
  • Social behavior of animals
  • Communication in animals
  • Evolution of behavior
  • Behavioral ecology
  • Ethological studies
  • Sexual behavior of animals
  • Animal cognition
  • Animal welfare
  • Behavioral genetics
  • Behavioral neuroscience
  • Conservation behavior
  • Domestic animal behavior
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Field ethology
  • Behavioral endocrinology
  • Behavioral physiology
  • Behavioral plasticity
  • Cultural evolution in animals
  • Developmental ethology
  • Neuroethology
  • Parental behavior in animals
  • Personality in animals
  • Predatory behavior in animals
  • Reproductive behavior in animals
  • Sensory ecology
  • Social cognition in animals
  • Spatial behavior in animals
  • Tool use in animals
  • Animal movement ecology
  • Behavioral economics
  • Behavioral evolution
  • Behavioral genetics of social insects
  • Behavioral genetics of wild animals
  • Behavioral modelling
  • Chemical communication in animals
  • Communication networks in animals
  • Cross-species comparisons
  • Cultural transmission in animals
  • Decision-making in animals
  • Developmental neuroethology
  • Ecological and evolutionary genetics
  • Ecological immunology
  • Ecological stoichiometry
  • Ecophysiology of animals
  • Emergent properties of animal groups
  • Ethology of wild animals
  • Hormones and behavior


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