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Page Numbers  1-14

Use of Photovoice Methods in Research on Informal Caring: A Scoping Review of the Literature

Ilagan Chloe  1 Akbari Zahra  1 Sethi Bharati  2 Williams Allison  1


Page Numbers  15-23

An Investigation on Dietetics and Nutritional Interests using Quantitative Analysis in the Existing Prevalent Conditions of COVID-19

Mary Henrietta H.  1 Stanley Raj A.  2 Megavathi M.  3 Kavinil V.  3 Giridharan B.  3


Page Numbers  24-34

Scientific Ethical Integrity and Human Research Subjects Protections Non-compliance Remediation: Commentary on Practical Considerations and Implications

J Johnson Ralph  1  2


Page Numbers  35-49

HIV and Homosexuality: In the Light of Therapeutic Interventions

Yadav Ravinder  1 saini Varinder  2 Sheshna  3 Ankur  4

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